Our menu offers a unique fusion of traditional Mexican flavors and fresh local ingredients. We have all the classics you crave—tacos, burritos, nachos and quesadillas prepared with our signature island twist and served in gut busting portions. Our tortillas are homemade and the salsa is too; Pico de Gallo for traditionalists and a spicy cilantro basil chutney for a taste of something wilder. Come for the food. Stay for the good times!

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Great Mexican food”
The honey pork taco is SO GOOD! Never ate a better taco in Europe or America! Try it!! Definitely you should go there if looking for a place to eat in Koh Tao. The place is really pretty at night and the environment is great!

“Tasty Tacos and a great social vibe!”
Came here because it looked like a really fun place to hang out - with drawings and paintings of travellers on the wall and music playing but without the crazy party atmosphere. Since we hung out and tried the tacos here it is now our favourite place to hang out on the island! The tacos are awesome and unsual and they all have a slightly thai twist. Kai and Mike, the owners, are really awesome to hang out with too! They also have a hostel which i personally have never stayed at but it is always fully booked so i'm guessing a lot of people think the same as me! Definitely recommend hanging out here :-)

“Unreal tacos”
Loved this place, awesome tacos awesome owners very chill vibe. I am a solo traveller and made a lot of friends here. Check them out!!!

“Mate, I can't describe it”
It's like you know when you're walking up Koh Tao high street with your rucksack and sandals and you're starving as you haven't eaten after last nights antics, your boy Arran who's still a bit waved from yesterday and on edge suggests taco shack. You're a bit unsure but get there and have the best meal of your life.

“Great tacos, better vibe.”
Mike and Khai were extremely friendly and Mike sat down with us and shared travelling stories. This place really practices the mantra that is intended in a travellers hangout.