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The Common Areas

Good common areas are often the first thing travelers look for. It is where you meet people and share your travel experiences. It is where well planned trips unravel and reshape in wonderful ways. We have a big garden patio and a lively bar. Meeting people is easy at the Taco Shack. And we love that. All we have to do is stand back and let the magic happen!

The Dorms

The dorms are plush where it matters most. The mattresses are wide and comfortable. The pillows are soft. The air conditioning is cool. Each dorm has 6-beds, lockers for your valuables, and areas to relax. We clean each of the dorms several times a day, and promise to promptly fix any issues that may arise. We want you to leave the Taco Shack well rested and ready to travel!


Reception is more than a place to check-in. We want your stay on Koh Tao to be as easy and worry free as possible, so please come to reception with any questions you may have. Need beach suggestions? Come to reception. Need to know where to rent a motorbike? Come to reception. Need to know where to find the best party on any given night? Come to reception. We love Koh Tao and we love helping guests discover our island paradise. So please…come to reception!