Do you you want to try diving but are not quite sure if you want to get a license? Or maybe you don’t have enough time to get certified? Our Try Dive will let you experience scuba diving in the ocean in just a day to see if you like it.
1 Dive: 2,500 THB
2 Dive: 3,500 THB

10.30 -11.15
Meet your instructor and complete the necessary paperwork.
12.30 – 5.30
You will be out on the boat! On the first dive, we will complete some basic skills and then go on a little underwater tour. If you decide to do the second dive, there are no more skills to be done, only fish and fun!

•    A minimum of 10 years old
•    No adverse medical conditions

•    The Try dive is not a dive certification. If you’d like to keep diving after your initial experience, you can sign up for another Try dive, or move onwards to complete your Open Water course.
•    You must allow at least 24 hours after diving before flying.