Learn to take care of both yourself and your buddy! Easily the most challenging and rewarding of the specialty courses, the Stress and Rescue Specialty will teach you how to help in diving-related emergencies and hopefully how to avoid them as well.

This is the one required specialty in order to reach the Master Diver and Dive Guide certifications. You will learn to recognize stress in yourself as well as in your buddy, act with confidence and a cool head in stressful situations, and help in diving emergencies.

We recommend to take this course only when you have gained more experience in diving, or have attended at least the Advanced Adventurer course. You will also need to have a first aid certification not older than two years and an emergency oxygen provider’s certification. If you don’t, we offer the React Right course (4,500 THB) that you will have to take before starting your rescue course.

Price Includes:
•    3 nights of accommodation
•    Internationally recognized certification card and logbook
•    Taxi transfers to and from the boat
•    Rental dive equipment (including the torch if you choose to do a night dive)
•    1 training dive and 4 dives in the ocean
•    We guarantee that you will be in a group of maximum 4 students per instructor

•    A minimum of 15 years old
•    Open Water license or equivalent
•    International First Aid license taken or renewed within the past 2 years
•    No adverse medical conditions