The Open Water course is definitely our best seller. The waters of Koh Tao are calm and clear making it very easy for beginners to learn everything and get through the course in a safe and fun environment.
No previous dive experience is required and upon completion of the course you will be certified to dive to a depth of 18m with a certified dive buddy. Your license is valid for the rest of your life and anywhere in the world!


Day 1
•    5.00pm - Orientation with your instructor and video session

Day 2:
We have 3 things to do today! The order might change depending on where we are doing the confined and the weather conditions. No matter the order we will be starting our day at 9am:
•    Classroom session
•    Equipment set-up
•    Confined session(s): if the water is clear and not too low, we will be doing this right off Sairee Beach. If the conditions there are not good enough, we will be going on the boat to make sure we find the best spot possible to do what we need!

Day 3:
•    11am - Academic review and exam (very easy, we promise!)
•    12.30pm - Boat trip for dives number 1 and 2 to a maximum depth of 12m.

Day 4:
•    7.30am - Boat trip for dives 3 and 4 to a maximum depth of 18m. You can request a videographer to come and film you on this day so s/he can put together a nice movie (upon availability. Price of the video depends on number of students)
•    Pm - Collect your card and watch the video if you booked one!!

Price Includes:
•    3 nights of accommodation
•    Internationally recognized certification card and logbook
•    Taxi transfers to and from the boat
•    Rental dive equipment
•    1 training dive and 4 open water dives in the ocean
•    We guarantee that you will be in a group of maximum 4 students per instructor

•    A minimum of 10 years old
•    Ability to swim
•    No adverse medical conditions